J. Craig Green, PE

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Qualifications and Experience

Colorado Western Slope Project Sample


  • SAN MIGUEL VALLEY CORPORATION Since the mid-1980s, this project has involved the analysis of existing water rights and historical hydrology on the San Miguel River near Telluride, Colorado. In 1991 and 1998, field work was completed to provide the factual basis for the filing of additional water rights for a proposed development on the valley floor for a three-mile stretch of river downstream of Telluride. Computation of historical and projected future demands, consumptive use and time-delayed depletions from alluvial wells has allowed the development of an augmentation plan to prevent injury to other water rights. A reservoir operational study was completed, comparing supply and demand through a drought cycle to demonstrate the soundness of the plan.
  • BARNARD FAMILY WATER RIGHTS Analysis of historical use and appraisal of value for water rights on the Fraser River near Granby, Colorado. This project, in several phases, included research of comparable water sales downstream of the Denver market; allocation of historical diversions to remaining family lands after the original ranch was divided into multiple parcels and ongoing work advising the family on issues of value, marketing alternatives and potential injury to their water rights from water transfers.
  • HIGHLINE LAKE APPRAISAL Appraisal of water rights and facilities associated with Highline Lake State Park near Grand Junction, Colorado. This project (subcontracted from a real estate appraiser) included analysis of water rights in the Grand Valley Irrigation Canal, the Government Highline Canal and the storage rights in Highline Lake itself. In addition to the water rights, this appraisal required a determination of fair market value of the 3400 acre foot storage capacity in the lake as a separate water asset from the water rights.
  • DIAMOND BAR T APPRAISAL Appraisal of water rights near Fraser, Colorado. This project involved the appraisal of agricultural water rights in a location downstream of the Denver market, with west slope only comparable sales. Historic yields were researched for the water rights, and unit values were determined by a review of other water rights sales outside the Denver market.
  • DEERWOOD PARK WATER SUPPLY This project included analysis of water requirements for a subdivision near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A comparison of demands with the available supply from an underground aquifer was made, and a presentation was made at meetings of the Routt County Planning Commission and to Routt County Commissioners.