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Qualifications and Experience


Rio Grande Basin – Project Sample


  • CONEJOS WATER CONSERVANCY DISTRICT – This project included research of the provisions of the Rio Grande Compact, analysis of the historical hydrology of the San Luis Valley and expert testimony concerning the administration of water rights in the Valley. This included coordination with groundwater consultants, preparation of exhibits and field work to establish important parameters describing historical irrigation practices. An analysis of the history, hydrology and principles of the Rio Grande Compact was completed to establish principles that were recommended for future administration of the compact.
  • PRAIRIE DITCH TRANSFER – This project involved legal opposition to a proposed Water Court transfer case in the San Luis Valley filed in 1996. The Prairie Ditch, diverting into the closed basin from the Rio Grande, claimed the right to convert its irrigation water to recharge credits to support well pumping. A review of previous recharge decrees in the San Luis Valley, as well as engineering reports for the applicant (Prairie Ditch Company), revealed that inadequate consideration had been given to the historical practices under the ditch. A field trip to the Valley and preparation of an engineering report outlining technical issues in the case lead to a settlement. Litigation was avoided after terms and conditions to protect the water rights of objectors were included in the decree filed with the court.
  • TRANSMOUNTAIN WATER RIGHT APPRAISAL – This project, completed for the BLM in 1997, involved the Williams Creek Squaw Pass Diversion, which diverts water from the San Juan basin into the upper Rio Grande basin. Based on data from the Colorado State Engineer’s Rio Grande Compact reports and water sale data from the San Luis Valley and other basins, an appraisal report was prepared to BLM specifications. Numerous interviews were conducted to compile information, and a review of decrees and diversion records was completed. Issues included maintenance cost allocation, interstate compact assumptions based on the 1979 ruling by Judge Eakes in the basin-wide rules and regulations case and documenting the historical use and variability of yield for the water right.
  • SMITH/WAKASUGI WATER RIGHTS TRANSFER – This involved the legal transfer of water rights from one diversion point to another. Issues included historical use, the administration and operation of Smith Reservoir, computation of depletions and formulation of terms and conditions to prevent injury. A mix of sprinkler and flood irrigated lands complicated the analysis due to different return flow patterns. A decree was prepared summarizing the engineering conclusions, which allowed the case to be settled without litigation.
  • LA JARA CREEK WATER LITIGATION – The administration and priority of water rights on La Jara Creek resulted in three separate trials in the 1980’s, involving extensive data collection, analysis and expert testimony. Issues included Rio Grande Compact administration, analysis of original water rights claims and decrees, and the limits of competing water rights during times of shortage.
  • VALLEY RANCHES, INC. – This project included a comprehensive analysis of historic use for multiple surface and groundwater rights in the San Luis Valley near Crestone, Colorado, in the closed basin. Negotiations with the Colorado State Engineer and Attorney General’s office resulted in a plan under which the water rights could be operated without injury to other water rights.